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News of the first CD single “Hyakkaryoran” purchase privilege

Special offers are available for purchasers of the first CD single “Hyakkaryoran”.
A receipt at the time of purchase (purchase statement) or a reservation slip can be used in place of the award ticket. If you have purchased more than one CD, you can redeem even one receipt for the number of purchases.

(Content of benefits)
1 bonus ticket ~
1 raw photo (You can specify your favorite members)
*3 types of raw photos are available for each member.

10 bonus tickets
One member’s autographed raw photo

20 bonus tickets
Rehearsal Special Appreciation Ticket for Reiwa Kaden Solo Performance on May 9 (Sat)
* Acceptance ends when the first arrival reaches a certain number
* Details such as rehearsal time will be announced only to those who redeem the award at a later date

(How to redeem benefits)
5/9 (Sat.) Reiwakaden event venues, including Reiwakaden solo performances
Alternatively, please mail the award ticket to the address below.
2-18-3-202, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072
Star Age Co., Ltd.
To Reiwakaden Production Management Committee
* Be sure to fill in the mailing address of the award and the details of the award you want on the back of the receipt etc.

(Privilege exchange period)
Venue: Until Saturday, May 9, 1980
Mail: Must arrive by Friday, May 1, 1980
* Please note that the benefit will end when the exchange deadline expires

(Handing of privilege)
Venue: Handing over benefits at the product sales booth * Not handing over directly from members
Mail: Ship to specified address

※※please note※※
-Redeemed award tickets cannot be used to redeem other awards.
・ Rehearsal special appreciation tickets for the May 9th (Sat) Reiwa Kaden solo performance may be closed before the award exchange deadline.
-You can specify members for raw photos, but not for types. Please note that those who exchange at the venue will choose their own, and those who exchange by mail will be shipped randomly by the secretariat.